Check if sms sender equal Phone number

Hi i trying to make app calling certain number when receive message from it but i got stuck in sms sender number equal phone number

A phone number like +12 3456789 isn’t a number, use the logic equals for that.


both = blocks are identical, see also the documentation AI2 Logic | Explore MIT App Inventor

Acts exactly the same as the = block found in Math

@hma0100500 use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps

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still nothing

so after using Do it, what do you get for message Text, number and sms Phone Number?
if you followed the previous link, you learned that you also can display these values for example in labels…

here is the message i get

i trying to get message content and compare it with saved number in tinyDB

Don’t use Do It, the variable needs to be passed first then I’ll do the action after. Message yourself Call then see what happens.

its doesn’t check the SMS sender number and any number send Call it do PhoneCall to be clear i try to make it check the SMS sender number if = the number i put into tinydb then do the phone call … any suggestion ?

This is a very rare occasion I give AIAs but try this…

Protocol.aia (15.4 KB)

It explains in detail what you can change and how.