Check If User Already exists on air table

I need help! I am making a google hangouts/Messenger alternative On the signup page i made a username option, Can anyone help me, I want there to be a way to see if a user exists on my air table. I DO NOT USE FIREBASE, Nor do i want to!

Call all users from airtable and check if user is in list or not. If yes add a notification already registered else save data in airtable

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Do you have any screenshots?

Why won’t you put your screenshots ? What have you tried so far ?

Sorry for the late response! I was on the bus to school.
Now here are the screenshots and what i did gives me a runtime error

Set global usr to create an empty list and do not set it to 0. Also move spreadsheet.get column block from when button click to on Screen initialize block and set max records to 1200

K, i will try

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filter id with this extension

works! Tysm, heres my code btw

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