Check internet connection retry option

i just wanaa when user on interent in mobile then click on retry option then show content .
i am just confuse wht blocks i put on retry option
like when user click on retry option then notifer again check internet is on or not. If internet on then hide notifer and show content and if internet is off then notifer still show after click retry.


Use not component before is connected…
You can find on logic !

not work now notifer not show

Copy your blocks here, including if/else.

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You did wrong :sweat_smile: , according to your modified blocks, Retry button will show an error always even user has an internet connection.

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when i click retry button then notifer hide still net off . what i do when i click retry button notifer not hide. and still show notifer

You can make this.

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Oooops you’re totaly right…
Forget to put the if blocks in the procedure, my bad

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Thanks for helping me it works. Now one more problem happened.

When i click on retry then internet content not load
is there any block when retry button click app start again
Thank You

You can add another screen, then you can close second Screen2 and open Screen1 again. So Screen1’s blocks will work.

I mean;

  • Open Screen2 and Close Screen1
  • After waiting some time in Screen2,
  • Close Screen2 and Open Screen1.
    So, blocks under Screen1.Initialize will work again.

Thanks bro now i use only open another screen 1 now it perfect works
Thank you.

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