Chrome custom tabs problem

(Amit Narwal) #1

Chrome custom tabs not working as it should work. Like in gmail when we open anything in custom tabs it didn’t ask us to choose any browser. But it ask us to choose any browser when used in makeroid. And we can open the same link with other browser even if we use chrome custom tabs. Chrome custom tabs acting like feature “open in external browser” which is present in webviewer. Why is that?

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(Amit Narwal) #2

Makeroid team? any comment on this?

(anuragtekam0) #3

what are custom tabs
Have you checked that is it in use external browser

(Amit Narwal) #4

chrome custom tabs is a feature which you can also see in your gmail app. when you open any external link via gmail it always open in chrome custom tab rather then any other browser, which is an amazing feature. By this we can use browser in our app.
there is no such option “use in/open in external browser” in chrome custom tabs menu.
you can find this new feature in experimental tab.

(Rakshak Manchanda) #5

Just set chrome as your default browser

(Amit Narwal) #6

but bro we don’t have to select chrome as default browser when we do this in gmail. And I can also open the link in other browser when using chrome custom tabs, then what’s the use of it?

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(Cive Esp) #8

Bro This KOdular Community People Should Focus On IT


This problem is fixed for the next release.

(Muhammad Ghazanfar) #10

Dear sir Mika,
When the next release is expected?


There is current no date.

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