Coding is ok but not receiving value from data base error showing

any one plz help what mistack i am doing here
.cherrygames.apk (6.8 MB)

A few things.

  1. We need more context as to what is going on and the error.
  2. We need the AIA or blocks. The APK is useless.
  3. What have you tried.

More details please

sir i uploaded apk pls check

Read my response please. The APK is useless, and you have provided no further information.

cherrygames.apk (6.8 MB)

I cannot help you.

No one can if you are not able to follow the instructions. We need more information and the AIA file or blocks, NOT the APK.

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extremely sorry i uploaded aia now
cherrygames.aia (457.8 KB)

No one is going to open your AIA without you providing the above information. If you want help please provide what the issue and what you have tried, what you expect.

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sir signup process working well but login process not working error showing coding is ok but login process not working .cherrygames.aia (457.8 KB)

Stop posting the aia-file and stop posting the same question. Post an image of your blocks.

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