Companion crash in Android 6.0.1

I received many reviews on play store that app is crashing ,app not working , not opening Etc…
So i decide to check their devices name and android version …
then i found that my app is not working on below android 7 and low ram memory devices.
Now i am trying to fix those error but when i install companion in my (1GB ram , android 5.1 ) mobile …companion is not opening when i try to open error you can see in picture.

In my device it works well. My android version is also 6.0.1 but my ram is 3Gb

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My apps are crashing in low end devices can you help me ?
here it is can you check it in your device ?

Then set your minimum api to android 7 nougat

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No i want to optimize my app for all devices :grin:

Your question’s answer is in your app reviews

there was a loop …now it has been fixed.
My question is how can i run companion in my device?
It opens for a second then automatically crash

try another simple project together with the companion app

follow tip1 and tip 2 here


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My app is working now in low end devices ( there was memoery problem with Custom list view extension ).
but companion still not opening in my 1 gb ram mobile
how can i try another project or screen ? when i open companion it closes