Complete SQLite Select to show in table! It´s possible?

Hi. It´s possilble to make a select from a table in SQLite, listing all information, and putting in a table (I use tableview extension)? I don´t no how I can make this query; if that I need to make this using a foreach statement or something else. Folow some blocks to show my doubt. For now, thank´s a lot.

I use my SimpleSqlite + Fixer extensions and Tableview extension.

Simple Sqlite returns JSON arrays (or what looks like them, hence the Fixer)



Make sure you have ShowListsAsJson ticked in the Designer settings

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Maybe, you can use dynamic component extension+schema and do a for each loop. Here on the forum there is the guide to create Schema.

So each record returned from select SQL will generate a layout ( Json schema) You create the schema Uses the Dynamics Components + Json Schema extension. The loop will generate N times the layout that the schema generates.


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Man, almost work! I don´t know if SQLite have this option (ShowListAsJson)… so I don´t know why my output is showing like at a image. I send too my blocks. Please, help me! You are only that answered my questions. For this, thanks a lot!

You need to setup your Tableview extension column and row delimiters correctly.

For correctly formatted csv data the column delimiter is , and the row delimiter is \n

The ShowlistsAsJson is not related to SQLite, it is in Project Settings in Screen1 Designer and ensures that lists are set as json arrays [[],[]] and not with rounded brackets ((),())

You did it ?

Did you do what is in the quote?

Not sure what you mean?

I asked him , if he ( the user who created the post - trabalho) did what is written in the quote.:+1:

Man thanks. I made EXACTLY thay you show for me and works fine. Thank´s a lot. Regards

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