Condition not working - Any help appreciated

This first pic is of the condition block

I need the text in the button to change depending on the NODE_STATUS ( if NOT YET SUBSCRIBED THEN SHOW subscribe and visa a versa

This is the php reult with hilited part the return

Please , explain better.

What do you want from the API that is not working?

Whats wrong ?

Same subject ?

Buttons , wouldn’t it be the names of the icons (material design - favorite, share…)?

Why not join this message from the key Node_Status (subscribed, not subscribed) to one of the parameters (title, subtitle or content) ?

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So, what Im trying to do is get an if else working depending on whether the Get Staus value is in the first instance - NOT YET SUBSCRIBED and in the second any other value.

Whats wrong ?
And ? Do You Read , my answer?

yes ?I did but apparently I didnt undersand your suggestion?

Tell us , whats wrong in blocks If ?

  • whats wrong in blocks If ? -

Wish I knew.

Its just not selecting the correct card type (either Type 4 or type 1 depending on the text in Get Status

type 4 or, type 1 are extension blocks …

You Said “I need the text in the button to change”

correct. They are
but they are not failing rather the [ if ] is just falling right through to the [else]

Did You walking in Json Return ?
Check If 2 text ,( from Json And text block ) are identical

Thanks for all the help so far. Please look at the screen dump of the returned data pairs. You will see they are fine.

I’m asking if the blocks are reading your json correctly

yes. The data is all correct

All the other returned data is correct

Node_Status is a list.
Lists have positions or index

(subscribed, not subscribed, not subscribed, not subscribed, subscribed, not subscribed)
index 1, index 2, index 3 … Index Lenght(Node_Status)

Compare each item (according to its index in the list) to your text block. Perhaps, using Select List item - index Blue Block.

Thanks for that but i sort of understand

Where will I find the list index number???

Guess you can see Im still learning :slight_smile:

is this right???

Just tried it - Guess NOT (-:

Congratulations. You learned fast!:clap:

actually not.


Yes, Index are numbers

No, not that the block evaluates to binary.

I did not understand … but, you have already solved and marked the solution.