Count colintree list view

i have colintreelist view extenion i want to count number of list item and show it in a label box how can i do this plz help

colintree works with lists. Just get the length of the list and you’ll know how many items there are



i want show show no of list item in a label when screen initialize as you can see there are 2 list item so there should me written 2 in labale box and so on iam using colintreelist view how can i do this plz explian me a bit thanks


as @pepocero posted.

just use ‘length of list’ block between your label.text and your list -varible-.

your solution is already provided by @pepocero , please try to do it your self and build some blocks, and if you stuck you can ask for help.

where should i add a block for list count can u plz guide me

add it after all your other blocks in your in Initialize method.

canu plz send me blocks that can i put there iam sorry i have never used colintree and new to kodular i have coped blocks from other aia

you really should read:

and please use Community Search option next time.

use these blocks:

in globalyourlist which list should i chose as i have sent u a screenshot of blocks can there are three list there namelist datelist imagelist what should i chose iam thankfull to you for your humble guide and help

it is your choice to chose not mine, try with namelist.

thanks thanks a lot for your help i have done it

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