How to know the length of a list view Image and Text?

Hi, everyone
I know it is a dumb question but I was not capable to figure it out by myself.

I need to know how many items a listview has but there is not something like “length of listview” in the blocks. So how can I know it?

I guess if I search for custom listviews extensions I will probably find something, but I don’t like to use extensions unless absolutely necessary.

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you may use the the block “length of list” from list category


But how can I use it in a list view?
It is just drag list view component to length of list?
In others words, list view is for kodular the same as a list?

can you show how you setup listview?

I am far from my computer now. As soon as I can I will test it. Thanks in advance.

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You can get length of a listview by using this: blocks%20(3)

But I don’t think is possible for listview image and text.

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I just tried to use “length of list” with web viewer and didn’t work. Not possible to put list viewer with image or simple listview on “length of list” block

Exactly. The list view with images doesn’t have this option:sleepy:
I am burning my neurons to find a way but nothing so far

Can you show your blocks?

I made so many tests, I gave up.
I decided to create a global variable and set it to 0 on app initialize and then increment it according to how many item the list view receives.
I am not at computer right now so I can’t post any screenshot.
When I go back to computer I will test everything and if it is all working I will post here.

Also do mention this:point_up_2: