List View item count doesn't show in label

i create a list…and i want to select list item to show in label. i try a blocks but it doesn’t right which i tring…here is my blocks-

Use this block to show the selected items in the label.

I think you have created 2 posts on the same topic. Don’t do that. You are new to Kodular so consider it as a warning.

Hope you understand. :slight_smile:


actualy i am new kadular. so i don’t know the rules. thanks for this kind information…
your help so much impotant to me…
lets begin to the topic…when i want more than one item selection.then what can i do?


Create a global variable with empty list and add each selected list item to the variable by using “add item to the list block”.

Now you can get the selected list items whenever you want from the global variable.

what is my blocks? can you help please. above blocks which i am creating so many variables…but i actualy don’t understand how customize my blocks…can you explain…

You have to play with logic.
Create one more global variable.

On list view after picking
add item to the list: list get global list
Item: list view selection

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i create like it…but live testing doesn’t load it. here is my blocks…

Remove list view1 selection to get global list block.

Set label1 text to get global list.

I try to show in label1 selected item count number… how I can?..please help…

can anybody help me please…