Cow-Bull: The Mastermind Game

Hi all,

1. What have I developed?

I have developed a code breaking game, based on the classical game - Mastermind.

Cow-Bull is a classic code breaking board-based puzzle, that was invented in the 70s. However, its name is inspired from the conventional paper and pencil game – Bulls and Cows that started a century ago.

2. App Description

Choose from four types of KRACK POOLS and crack codes to sharpen your mind. Play as many levels as you wish to keep the fun and brain testing on.

The original game is modified and given a simple twist to make it more interesting and engaging. You get to solve codes from different types of KRACK POOLS – Colors, Numbers, Alphabets and Special Characters. Also the length of THE CODE varies from 3 to 6 KRACKS.

Once you send your GUESS CODE, you can get a COW or a BULL or grey pegs, that help you solve the code and complete the level.

To make the game more challenging, you have limited number of chances along with a timer to find THE CODE. In case, if you ever get stuck in a game, you have three boosters at your help.

3. Screenshots

5. App Download Link

6. Tutorials

You might be confused related to the rules of the game.
Don’t worry!
There is an in app tutorial.
On top of that I have a written description on Cow-Bull’s website.

7. Credits

Thanks to the following extensions and their developers.

  • @Sumit1334 for the SmoothText Extension.
  • @yusufcihan for the DynamicComponents Extension.
  • @Shreyash for the Phase Extension.
  • @Atom_Developer for the FloatingActionView Extension.
  • Colin Tree for the Scroll Handler Extension.
  • All the people who helped me on this community.

And of course :kodular:odular

All feedbacks are warmly welcome.

Alaqmar Bohori


UI looks good​:innocent:
Keep it up​:+1:

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Thank you @Sumit1334

Looks interesting :thinking: :grin:

Download it and you’ll see :wink: :grin:

“Levels” does not work due to “invalid firebase input”.

There is a very nice tutorial. at the beginning.

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Hello @Rene1898

Thank you for trying out the app.
Glad you liked the tutorial!

Can you please provide a screenshot of the error? Because, everything is working fine at my end, I am not able to reproduce the bug.

Also, I hope the app’s version is 1.1.0

Thank you, I’ll look into it.

Nice app, :heart_eyes:

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This error has been resolved and updated.
Thank you @Rene1898

Users with the AM/PM time format need not download the update. The error was occurring due to a period in the German format.


Those Germans!