Create an antivirus

Hi guys!
I’m going to create an app that acts as an antivirus.
Its operation must be very simple:
There is a database of malicious packages online, the app checks if one of these packages is installed on the device.
Once the scan is finished, the app should give feedback based on the results.

The problem is that I don’t know how to create this database and how to make the app read it.

Please help me, I will put helpers in the credits.
Contact me on discord, at least there we can discuss it better.

Thanks in advance to those who will help me :slight_smile:


Sincerely, i think doing such thing will be very hard especially for beginners. Even if you find a solution for the database and reading data from the phone storage there’s no direct way to check if two files are the same, and you want to check one from the phone and the other on the database and that make it very harder.
I think you can use Filey extension by @vknow360 to encode the malicious package and return it as string to save it to the database then encode the file you want from the phone and check if they’re the same. But the question is HOW would you know which file to encode as there’s many possibilities, any file on the phone may be one of the malicious ones. But i think i have a solution for that too, the common thing between two identique files is the size, retrieve the size of the file you want to check and if it’s the same as one of the malicious packages add it to the check list. And here we have another problem, would you use the size method on EVERY file in the phone? That may take a while, especially when the phone contains many files, but there’s a solution. Another common things between two identique files is their extension, search for files with that extension in the phone then check their sizes and if some of them may be malicious use the encoding method to check if they’re equal. For the database you can use Firebase from Google which is not very securised but free and easy to use since Kodular implemented components to handle it, or using MySQL which will be hosted on your own domain and use it with Web component or some extensions. It’s VERY hard but NOT impossible, you have to search in the community and documentation, try things by yourself and learn by yourself, and whenever you need help post here everyone will help as much as they can!
Recommended extensions:
:file_folder:Filey extension by @vknow360
:file_folder:File extension by @Taifun
And some intelligence, creativity and imagination! :dizzy:

Before i start writing i was going to say it’s impossible and can’t be done in any way on any platform, but while writing i started getting solutions and realizing that it’s possible! :joy: :sparkles:


Retrieve list of packages installed on phone and compare it with predefined package names in your app.
If it matches then add it to to remove list which will be shown later to the user.


May be this can help you

Exactly what I want to do!

First of all I want to specify that I have been using kodular for about 1/2 years.
Firebase database has NEVER worked for me in all this time, I’ve followed so many tutorials but nothing :frowning:
I simply want my app to control other apps using the Package Utility component, not the files as well.
If among the installed apps there is an app in the malicious package database it gives a message to the user.

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You will have to use PkgUtils extension.

Exactly what I meant! :joy:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:


Firebase DB works very well for me, I can give you an example to show how to use it. You can use my method for other files which are not packages to make your app more professional. But there’s two problems, you’re going to make an app to check for malicious apps in the phone but how would you know what are malicious packages? Any person can make a new malicious app and send it to someone then your app can’t detect it because you don’t know it, it’s not stored in the database. Second problem, there’s Play Protect service for every phone in the Play Store. It checks daily for malicious apps and warn you, and also some phones have protection and security apps that allow to do more than this, in Xiaomi phones every app you install is scanned to check for viruses, it applies for both apps installed from Play Store or from APK.
Sincerly your app won’t be much useful and i think you have to search for another idea of an app, it will be much better than this if you want to get many users. Antiviruses exist everywhere i don’t think that someone would leave all those available antiviruses and use this which is not even based on a protection system it’s based on data. So either use a professional software to develop your app such as Android Studio and make it based on security and protection system not on data or search for another idea of an app if you want to use Kodular

Some professional malicious apps change their package name in order to avoid antiviruses detection such as Lucky Patcher

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You means apps change their package names after installation?

This is how it works:
First you have to install their app installer which have its own package name and don’t change, and in most cases it can’t be uninstalled i think. Then you open the installer which downloads to its private directory the app’s apk and generates a random package name for it then compress it or idk what and install it then the installer uninstalls itself. Not all of the malicious apps do such, because it’s a complicated method and requires a professional developer.

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alternatively there also is the Package manager Extension to get information about installed apps and to be able to launch an installed app using a package name.


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