Create tabs on blocks, folders on assets and multi display

Friends App Inventor based platforms are really wonderful, they allow us to build apps without worrying about the boring stuff of APP development.
But as the project grows, some things get in the way of the workflow.
I will present three solutions that would help a lot.
1 - Possibility to create folders in assets to organize and find more quickly what we want.
2 - Create tabs in the blocks, allowing us to separate our programming, making life much easier.
3 - Possibility to use multi display, leaving for example a monitor with layout, another with blocks.
I don’t know about the Kodular project, so forgive me if you’re talking nonsense.

That would be amazing!
I’m here with a little game, it has many pictures and sounds.
Looking for something in assets is being torture. My block programming is also full of sound and image transitions.
I’m almost giving up just for the trouble of finding what I need.

Yes I was thinking something like that too if it could be possible.
Developers can tell it.