Creating a commercial app

Hi Team,

Can we create a commercial application using makeroid? If yes, what all legal prerequisites are to be considered?

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Most likely… A GDPR for Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service or Conditions including Data Policies which can be completed using online Generators (Be careful as some may not give updated information), I’m pretty sure they’d respect if you also gave credit to Kodular -> Starting in the last days of October, Makeroid went to being named Kodular. If it’s a commercial app, include licenses for what you may use inside of your app in your Settings or About pages.


Yes, you can, but this tool is now called kodular!
And the prerequisites will change according with the app, but Nathan gave you the way.

You can read Google Play’s guidelines (if you want it there) and watch others apps related to the one you want to create

Does that mean,
I dont need to put it on google playstore neccesarily?

No… He was taking into consideration if you DID put it on the Google Play Store. It’s not required but, can be done freely at any time. If you make it with Kodular, be sure to upload it to the Kodular Store so you get it out there.

Of course not
It’s impossible to get +18 apps on Google Play for example.
But if your app is allowed there and your goal is reach as many people as possible you should send it to Playstore