Creating an App retrieving accounts from airtable

I’m trying to make an app with two screens one is signup users then those using details go to another screen this screen shows all the users I have made this block but nothing shows.

I don’t know if there problem with my API key or the other

Any help?


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First of all you should use ‘dismiss spinning progress’ to remove the spinning progress instead of dismiss custom dialogue.

Try This:

Create API Key/Token here
(you have to choose base and permission to create a token)

• To get your Base ID tap on the help button shown on the top of your base and then tap integration.

Reply if it doesn’t work, i have some alternate idea too…

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i have created the Token and add the information to the spreadsheet but still nothing happend.

Screenshot (200)

The token seems too small, you should try once more

Delete the token from the DB and create one again, copy it when it is generated and not the short one you see in the list


i have changed the API Key as you suggusted but still nothing when i tested the app it keeps loading only but no information on the screen.

another question can i do the same using Firebase

i have did what we told me but still nothing
any help

I think You Shoud Try @JEWEL’s Spreadsheet extension it’s wonderful with lightning Speed :zap:

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