CRUD Method for Private/Public Google Sheets

Hey Everyone,
This is a New CRUD method basically kind of similar to @TIMAI2 version of CRUDQ version 2 but I kind of made it more easier for people to understand it and expand the script if needed.

This is why I recreated CRUD method using google app script for Private/Public Google Sheets.

Here are the google app scripts:
(I wanted it to not be super long and as simply written as possible so I posted a google docs)

Click here to open

NOTE: I am Still Adding stuff and modifying some of these functions (Maybe in the future I will provide a video tutorial)

Test the data flow here using this aia (AIA link is provide in Google Docs link provided above):

Test APK.apk (5.6 MB)
(This APK hasnt Changed in a long time) compile the aia for the latest Functions

Here is the link to google sheets connected with this test apk

Sai Athulith Neela

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Remember to Create a New Deployment set it to Web App and the who has access to anyone and execute it as to me:

also dont forget to Authorize it with your account where the google sheet is located

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Added New Column Functions and Row Functions:

  1. New Row
  2. Remove Row
  3. Write Row
  4. Get Row
  5. Create Column
  6. Remove Column
  7. Write Column
  8. Get Column

More coming Tmr!!

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Added Instructions for users to setup the scripts and blocks

Added Cell Functions and Find Functions!!

  1. Get Cell using cellid
  2. Find Cell by checking the whole sheet given result cellid
  3. Find value in a particular row given result cellid
  4. Find value in a particular column given result cellid

Will add more functions Tmr

Added Extra Features

  1. Find Row number of a value in a Column
  2. Create a New Sheet
  3. Query

I am done creating all kinds of different function that came on my thought if you guys have any idea or something that you need a script for in google sheets post your question here I will try to help when i can.