Custom download problem

Hello when i download a mp4 file from google drive, i see the mp4 on the file but it can not be played. How can i fix it

is this a built in component? I couldn’t find it in the documenation…
what about first setting the parameter and then downloading?


Thanks for answer. I did you said. There iĹź the file again but it can not be played

Try using sdcard with the file path, e.g. /sdcard/Durum/murat.mp4/ as you were doing in the first image.

Have you tried putting as source the filepath you have in “onDownloadComplete” ?

I tried them and nothing happened.! I see the file but they can not be played 15849975151777056779301762383761|666x500blocks (4)

This is what happens when users don’t learn how to troubleshoot theirs code

Use Do it to troubleshoot your code, tip 4 App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


I dont understand how to do sorry