Need Help in large assets

I created an app that requires mp3 files to be downloaded after its installation so you can listen offline.
Number of files are 128 mp3 files
Total size of the files is 35 MBs

Previously I used the method of grabbing the files from google drive file by file
I used web component as I searched for it …

This method was working very fine until google started to stop these downloads. First i didn’t know the cause
All the users now are facing the same problem that they cannot download the files with the app.

At last I was lucky to get the error message that describes why google is stopping this operation … here it is…

We’re sorry…

… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now."

Now all what I need are

  1. How to add my files to asset folder if download is blocked.
  2. How to download all the files in a folder other than the asset that the app can read from (as was previously done)
  3. If there is another online drive other than google drive to fetch the files from filebyfile as I made before and how to do that …

Thanks in advance every one

a solution might be to zip all the files and download only the zip file, then unzip it after downloading using the zip extension App Inventor Extensions: Zip/Unzip | Pura Vida Apps



Really, you need to get a “real” CDN (content delivery network), like GitHub or Cloudflare.

I will try that and inform you with the results but can it auto start to unzip the file after the download is completed…
If it is possible, could you show me how? Please

You can use firebase storage to store file & use that file link… @drpeterramsis2007

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I tried to use firebase … and already uploaded the files but couldn’t download the files from firebase …
Could you show me how? Pleae @Alapjeet

yes, this is very simple… pseudocode:

if the zip file is completely downloaded
then unzip the file

you might want to try something yourself and if you get stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks… thank you.



I am saying firebase storage. there you have to upload file & for every file you will get a unique link… @drpeterramsis2007

Are those like google drive that I can store my files and download them all at once using codes?

Really I don’t know how to use firebase for downloading the files after uploading them …

Watch this… @drpeterramsis2007

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Please use a real CDN. Google Drive already has plenty of server load.

Try using the Firebase Storage component.
@Alapjeet, are you sure that firebase is free?

Thanks @Taifun and @Alapjeet for your smart solution … you really solved my headache issue

Which solution are you using?

I used the zip file method and uploaded on firebase but unfortunately Now I am facing a quota exceeded issue on firebase

Well, storage isn’t free on the cloud. Have you tried including the zip in the assets?

The zip file size is 70 MBs

Will it fit?

Firebase provides 1 gb storage totally free