Custom webview scroll up, down and hide or show somthing

Being visible and invisible with scroll
it’s possible in custom webview ? :point_down:

These two things are unnecessary :point_down:

Here canGoUp and canGoDown were needed

Create a url bar in horizontal arrangement and when scroll y changed as per your view set horizontal arrange not visible

how to understand its change in y

Did you search in the community?

Scroll y means vertical scroll, set if scroll y greater than 5 then horizontal arrange not visible else visible

No solution was found in the community

This solution is not correct.
Because I don’t want the search bar to sink to more than 5
I want the search bar to sink to the top of any position in the web view. Swiping down will be invisible
5,10 or not according to any number.


I want exactly like Google Chrome.

Not according to any specific position.

Scrolling upwards from any position will invisible. And scrolling down will visible.