Daily Challenge #50 / bug - Button.Text disappears in TableArrangement

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this strange behavior?

When I insert 4 buttons in a table arrangement, the Button.Text disappears after I press the buttons:

The only way to solve this issue / bug seems to be to change the Button.Text on each click.

tableArr_ButtonText2.aia (118.8 KB)

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If I manually right click on Do-It, the issue does not happen :thinking:

If I disable these blocks:

and replace them with this:

That works just fine…

but this:


Edit: looks like putting it outside the TableArrangement fixes the issue

Yes, of course I know, but why doesn’t it work in a TableArr?
This is the question.


Is it because of the Width?

everything adds up

Yes, I know if I set the button.width to automatic it works and you could (as a workaround) insert spaces (width = 33%) into the empty cells to get the desired layout.

But what is the cause of this?

sorry, but I’m not your king… I ask you for some more respect. Thank you.
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If any property of any element (button, space) in the table is changed or set again, this issue doesn’t arise.

So it’s just a bug?

Yes, which affects all devices with Android versions > 6 (API 23).

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