"Is card" property sizing BUG

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After searching for a long time what was preventing my application to take the full height of the screen, I finally found the bug:)

The problem happen when “Is card” property is checked on a arrangement

As you can see, by setting “Fill parent” for height and width, the card (the arrangement with “Is card” checked) should fill the height of the screen, and share the width with the second (which is a cardview)

But its not the case, the arrangement does not fill the height and takes all the width, and it does not matter the defined height and width, no matter what component is inside :

Try by yourself :
Bug.aia (1,2 Ko)
Bug.apk (4,1 Mo)

Steps to reproduce the issue

Check “Is card” property on a layout. No matter how high or how wide you put it, nothing will change.

Expected Behaviour

The size is set correctly

Actual Behaviour

Size does not change

EDIT: I tested your AIA and the problem is not what I explain here :sweat_smile:
We’ll take a look into it :+1:

Height Fill Parent is not compatible with Screen Scrollable
Instead of Fill Parent use 100%

You’ll expect the same on AppInventor. Set Screen to Scrollable and add an arrangement with Height Fillparent (with a different background color than screen). You will see that it doesn’t go to the bottom

This happens because if it goes to the bottom, it will increase height of the screen, making it scrollable, so the height of the screen will be infinite, and it will enter in a continous loop, attempting to reach the bottom once and once and never reach it

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This bug should be fixed in next update

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Thanks !
If the bug with “scrollable” is fixed too, it will be Amazing !

Is it this error ?

No, its this one :

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