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85th Daily Challenge will be from me…:grin:
Waiting for 2020-06-11T18:30:00Z

The 85th challenge from me today!

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Me again tdy at around 2020-06-14T10:25:00Z!

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87# Me at around 2020-06-16T10:50:00Z

Yeah!! Can’t wait that.
But isn’t it now?
It is 2020-06-16T10:52:00Z already.

Look, posted 1 min ago
Look Here @WatermelonIce at: Daily Challenge #87


No new daily challenges for over a week. Why?

Tomorrow’s daily challenge on UI, will be from me


So it will be made by @Vedang and not me

I will do tommorow’s challenge

No one coming with a new challenge today?

I want to try making a challenge maybe. I have quite a bit of experience in fancy UI design.

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Great! I’m very interested! :grinning: :star_struck:

May be i understood you wrong.Daily challenges aren’t about ui designs only:slightly_smiling_face: it maybe be about anything.Including ui designs.

I’ve been coming up with app ideas, design ideas, and more for a while.
So I can do all of them at the same time!

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One question though:
Can it be a challenge to create a full app? Or does it have to be a small challenge?

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I think it could be.I saw a challenge before about crating a whole app.But i think it maybe hard to create an app in one day only.

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A daily challenge, as the name itself suggest, is a challenge that can be accomplished in a day or two. Means some one posting a daily challenge in morning and the users participating, need to come up with solution by day end or maybe by next day atmost.

So I think making a full app will consume more than 2 days. Hence upto what I feel, the daily challenge should be short and simple.

Yes it can be related to UI or making any procedure/function

Waiting for the daily challenge from your side @cedkim :wink:

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I’m working hard on it.

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Just an observation, it is not a criticism : the time zone.

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It was just a example that I gave to understand the time limit for a daily chanllenge

Ofcourse, time zones play an important role in this.

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