Deep Link Start Value when App Resumes !?

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How is going :blush: ?

I want a help about using startValue with DeepLink.


In my App

In YouTube


When Screen Initialize block

blocks (14)(1)
When App Resumes


In my App, I tried to play once with deeplink without launching my app, Its working fine.
But, after launching app, I tried to play another video with deeplink, It’s not working…

Seems like startValue doesn’t changing after screen initialization…
Right ?
Any way to Solve this Issue ?
Can anyone help me a bit please :relaxed::pray:

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I have same problem with you, anyone can help us?

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I try using deeplink extension by deephost

it work when initialize screen and when app resume

it work but you should contact him by google form, download deephost app

Use on app pause block and just close the applicationblocks (25)

The problem is that deep host never replied or helps. Even in his app when I tried to contact him he doesn’t respond. As a result I have stopped using most of his extensions :sweat:

Yes until now he doesnt reply my form or my email, thank you for your solution @ammar5287 and your advice @Apps_solutions_365


I hope this video can help you:-


Yes, this video has helped me a lot

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thank you, I watched your video

but what is the difference between the videos that you display using the website

It is same, using the value from “get started”

If the application resumes, the value of “get started” can only be used once on the initialize screen

Can you create 1 feature like deeplink from deephost namely “call the deeplink” and “when deeplink get url”

I am very grateful if your aix can be used when the app resumes, thank you

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I requested it via Google form on last month, Even now,I couldn’t get any response

Thanks @AppHelper_Studio , I will try and give reply

Thanks @AppHelper_Studio , As you said * **** NOTE: DO NOT use a package name.

  • **** The package name will be created for you automatically.
  • **** Adding a package name will cause a compile error
    But, my app have a package name, So,what I will do ?
    My package name :-

no, I said extension package name, not app package name.

Ok, thanks

hello @AppHelper_Studio can you inform in this forum if you have an update version about your tutorial?
For example you just create procedure “call the deeplink” and “when deeplink get url”
I am willing to pay for an extension like that