Delete button is not working properly

delete butto is not deletig the selected one any idea what to do with that when i delete it deletes in series form
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ant idea what did do this

Did you checked what global delete returning value ?

Use do it result to check :point_down:

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please elaborate i cant understand

did you mean what did you write in do it that blocks actually work in that or what

I mean what is the value in the global delete !!


Me too typing the same… :wink:

How do you get that global delete @vikram_sharma ???

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i think you asking for this

You should not use empty list… instead you need to use maths block (zero number)

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ok i try for that

i did it and same happing it not delete the selected one

it deletes in ascending and descending order

Can you share us, the procedure how do you get or set value in global delete? If so it could be easy for us to suggest.

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What you are trying to say ?

Did you refer any topic regarding deleting airtable row??

this is the whole blocks

The first one is my email id and I want to delete from them but it deletes from delete email id to next one and in my email id it deletes from down to up and some times up to down not the selected one I hope you understand

See, while creating collintree you are using certain rules and while delete you didnt match the record with anything and blindly delete so as per your rule app deletes like this…

So use some conditions or match the selected data with original data and get row number while user try to dele the selected row

Can you catch my point??

ay idea how did to do this

not exactly

When user clicks extra button, match the pdf or email of selected part with main email or pdf. And use that number as delete number