[DISCONTINUED] Fancy RecyclerView Extension (List-Grid)+ ViewPager Effect (Build long lists efficiently)

This extension is the adaptation of the android RecyclerView widget. It is composed of several parts, first the RecyclerView extension, which is the widget that makes it possible to create dynamic lists of any type.On the other hand, there are also various widgets that can be used to build our items.There are also extensions that are compatible with RecyclerView for Kodular, these extensions work as tools to facilitate or provide different additional functionalities.In a very vague summary, it can be said that with RecyclerView any type of lists can be made, but they are not just lists because in reality it makes use of a property called layoutmanager that the RecyclerView has. Through this mentioned property, you can change how the items will be displayed. Currently the extension has implemented: “ListView”, “GridView” and “StaggeredGridView”, this means that effectively, we can do more than lists.

Main Features:
The features depend mainly on the widgets used:

  • Animations
  • Custom backgrounds (gradients, images, borders, ripple effect)
  • Ability to overlay widgets for better interface designs.
  • Support for gif images, images from servers or from the phone.
  • Animations using Lottie.
  • Different types of view, ideal for projects such as chat, where several designs are needed without losing the performance of the application.
  • Injection of custom widgets, which allows to display advertising banners or any widget available in the components (of Kodular)
  • Swipe Actions, allows you to show actions on both sides of the items that will be revealed when you swipe them.
  • Controlled sliding.
  • [NEW] SnapHelper adds an elegant slide functionality, which allows centering the RecyclerView widgets similar to the ViewPager.




The extension can still be found at:
The purchase can be made through the website, or contact me by DM.


Nice work. Looking good.

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Nice keep :kodular:oding!

Is demo APK is available ?

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Demo APK , Price , How can i buy ???

What components can be made with it???

Thanks for your contribution

Hi, please check RecyclerView Extension

Customers can request new widgets.

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  • LinearSnapHelper : The implementation will snap the center of the target child view to the center of the RecyclerView .
  • PagerSnapHelper: PagerSnapHelper can help achieve a similar behavior to ViewPager .
  • AppInventor support (Migrating to AndroidX)

Image referring only to SnapHelper (in a Kodular project using the Fancy RecyclerView extension). See the full demo in the post above or at https://recyclerview.tedusoft.com

SOURCES : PagerSnapHelper  |  Android Developers

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This extension working offline? I can use this extension without online extension verification?

i can create this type list view.

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Yes, it works offline, it does not depend on a connection at all and you can also achieve that design, it is a good idea, I can show a demo if you want.

This extension Best for you. everything you need everything this extension has۔

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Hum, Please share the demo, I want to purchase this extension if this extension capable of fast image loading.

Already I have many listview extension but when I load 250+ data then it’s show this error :
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 234270732 byte allocation with 12573184 free bytes and 176MB until OOM

" i want to solve this problem "

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Is ready, the extension has a ZImage widget which lets you compress the image with a scale property this helps to save memory and also it uses a image loader to prevent that error.You can also place an image placeholder to display while images are loading (I forgot to place it so it’s not in the video). The overlay of the widgets can be achieved thanks to the ZStack widget that comes by default with the widgets.
I am leaving two attached videos.
See Components
Sorry for the poor quality of the first one, I can’t attach files larger than 4mb

And here: Youtube Preview

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Hello, I would like to buy this extension, how can I do it, could you send me a demo.

You can buy it on the extension page
The purchase comes with an aia file, exactly the one shown in the screenshots.

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Really i love this extension, I will buy this extension as soon as possible. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Does that extension support image and video together in the same list?

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For now it does not have a video player widget (can be integrated soon), but as seen in the demo, it is possible to create several types of views (in the same recyclerview) for the items. The widgets available for now are found on the extension’s website.