Display All Rows & Columns of Spreadsheet in List View at ONCE

(Dupe Tech) #1

I have 1 Row and 1 Column in Airtable Spreadsheet, I want to show all Rows in list view, in my app when Screen is initialzed,

Basically I do not want to code for every row to be shown,

Is it possible that spreadsheet get data and show in list view ? i want to show them in as it is, like in table form but margins not visible

(Philipp Lang) #2

use tableview for your last question. There are some extensions out there.
Normaly we have a block for get all raws.

(Dupe Tech) #3

yes i got all rows but it is showing rows in listview in comma format, not in list view

(Philipp Lang) #4

Than use this blocks before

(Dupe Tech) #5

i used Coin tree list view extension and my prblm is solved almost, thnks