Display All Rows & Columns of Spreadsheet in List View at ONCE

I have 1 Row and 1 Column in Airtable Spreadsheet, I want to show all Rows in list view, in my app when Screen is initialzed,

Basically I do not want to code for every row to be shown,

Is it possible that spreadsheet get data and show in list view ? i want to show them in as it is, like in table form but margins not visible

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use tableview for your last question. There are some extensions out there.
Normaly we have a block for get all raws.

yes i got all rows but it is showing rows in listview in comma format, not in list view

Than use this blocks before

i used Coin tree list view extension and my prblm is solved almost, thnks

can you share your block?


thank you man and how the look of your table?

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If you can share aia file would be great-full but i can understand if it was important project for you.

This project is private, i cant share the aia, but I can help you, if you need any

Always asking for AIA files is not good.
If he thinks that he should share AIA file then he will do.
If you have will power you can do anything in this world.
So focus on your work instead of asking for AIA/AIS/Blocks.


i want to do search on my list. when user click on search button he will get all the row from what he registered before. it look simple but i am still stuck with block or which extension i have to use.
here is my screen shoot.



There are already many discussion about how to search data from air table you can find them by
Doing some research.


search function is working but how do i do when it select a colum it will select all row relevant to him. for example here (screen shoot) i select user “jabir” and i want it select row belong to him such as icnumber, telephone and Alamat. hope you can advice.


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may i see your block to search??? maybe i have solution for it…

Hi Ken,
Thank you for your wonderful contribution…

I am trying to use this extension.

However, I found an obstacle, where if we delete the last 1 row in the table, then I refill the same tableview with data that has been reduced 1 row, an error message will appear and the application will automatically close.

Is there a solution for this condition?

NB: I attached a simple block to show the problem.

I tried trapping using a screen-on error event occurs, but it didn’t trigger the event.

I’ll PM you