How to fetch data of multiple column from same table of airtable

I was trying to fetch data from different column of table and store them in list using single spreadsheet component.

To debug the issue i used alert to see if it execute every piece of code or not.
Unfortunately Only alert Done1,Done2,Done3 are displayed.
blocks (2)
Probably this block is not being executed.
Need Support!!

Use multiple Spreadsheets.
1 for each column.

That works.

I dont know why but using multiple spreadsheet is not working out.
blocks blocks (5) blocks (4)
and so on for other fields but block inside
spreadsheet2 .got column is not executing

Call every column at the time of Screen Initialisation.
Then Set Your Values.
blocks blocks (3) blocks (2) blocks (1)

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I am using this way in my project and that works absolutely fine.

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What is the structure of your Airtable?

Because if you have empty cells you don’t get data.

If you get the wrong column name it doesn’t work either. “Title” is not the same as “title”.

Check that.

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is it prone to crashes due to so many components?
I’ll need 8 of such that.

I think only i am facing this problem…
I tried deleting and again using the spreadsheet component but it is not working out.

No it will not tend to crash.
But it can increase loading time for slow internet users.

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If you don’t mind send me your aia i will make it work for you.
And will tell you your errors/mistakes.

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I’m telling you that if you have empty cells you don’t receive data and in your table you have the entire Body column with empty cells. And that is the data you are trying to obtain in spreadsheet 2


Here LyricsInLyf (1).aia (249.3 KB)
I just want this block to get executed when all column are saved in list

Here the things you require

Thankyou very much
It worked when i recreated the project and a new airtable base I was having so many empty columns but in previous base there is another issue because it is not working out there even though i filled the column with random text.

BTW you dont have to waste your time on finding error because I recreated the project from scratch and it is now working with only one spreadsheet.

Thankyou for all the afforts you made

This your solution

After getting all rows you can simply use for each number loop.

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