Distributing app outside Google Play

Today I noticed that many website owners has published my app on their website. My app is not approved by Kodular as it’s published on Google Play. So, the problem is, I’m losing my revenue as app installed from unknown source don’t show ads.
I tried to contact website owners, but in vain.
So, what to do? Any idea please?

Use is installed from play store block

I don’t have a problem if someone is sharing my app outside play. But, I want not to lose that revenue. So, if I request approval from Kodular now, will it cause any problem?

any extension for that or available built in?

built in , use device utilities ,

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i think that will not cause any problem,

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Confirmation from anyone?

if app will be used from non play store users then you can go for kodular ads approval and that will not cause any problem , after approval just update you app on playstore

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Yes… wont cause any problem


Thanks @OfficialDjJohn and @ImranTariq … Let me give it a try… Cheers…

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thanks sir

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