Do You Want Help Creating an Extension?


  1. Have you already made at least 1 extension?
  2. Do you have an idea for a new extension?
  3. Do you want some help creating it?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to the 3 questions above you’re in the right place!

Let me know what you’re looking to create and I’ll see if I can get you started in the right direction.

About Me:
I’ve made many different types of extensions however, I’m not an expert, I’m an amateur at best. I have a fulltime job, a wife and kids so I don’t have a ton of hours to invest but I’d like to help if I can.

Note: I don’t do Ad or Payment Extensions or anything else that looks sketchy and I’m not going to make it for you.


That is a great idea @Ken. Maybe you and the other developer can show how the process goes when you develop an extension. How you go from for instance a (small) library that is available to a ready extension.


You can bring short ,partwise tutorials from beginning to the end to help young developers.


I don’t know if this is available somewhere, but it will also be really helpful to make a post, like in those famous books “For Dummies” (for people like me :sweat_smile:) a very comprehensive list of the things the user will need to install or get, how to get your environment ready to create and edit extensions, I mean everything step by step. The structure of the code, like where and how do you create the blocks, types of blocks, etc. without assuming any previous knowledge of the user or that they have that or this already installed. 100% from scratch.


@Ken Thank you for coming forward by willing to help in extension development.
You can help here :point_down: in developing this wonderful Google cast extension


For so many reasons, unfortunately this is not for me.
I’ll list a couple:

  1. 99.9% of the time I do my coding/computing on my phone.
  2. I don’t have the time/skills/desire required to do it correctly.

I do 99.9% of my coding on my phone which means I use AppyBuilder CodeEditor or Kodular IDE(When it was operational) so there’s nothing setup.


Then in what way could you help?
As me being a beginner.

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I can help by answering specific questions about specific ideas/issues that I have faced and overcome.
I have more than 20 years of hobbyist programming experience and have made more than 50 extensions in the past 2 years.

I am looking to help out someone who has already made an extension and has an idea for an extension but doesn’t know where to start or someone who is currently working on their next extension and is stuck and needs a little guidance.


So I have no chance… Hmm

Can we build an extention using only phone

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With Kodular IDE(Currently Down)
AppyBuilder CodeEditor


Thanks for your help on creating extensions! :+1:

Here’s a suggestion for a probably pretty simple extension. When it comes to counting up or counting down (every second), it is about displaying the respective run times in the correct time format:
hh:mm:ss (00:00:00). Here is an aia that shows what it’s about:
countUpDown_timeFormat.aia (7.4 KB)

Of course, no extension is needed for this, but this would make coding in Kodular (AI2, etc.) easier, and maybe someone can learn from it to create extensions that use date / time formats in the right way.

Seems to be quite simple:

Do I have to import


I’ve decided to create a comprehensive guide, that will cover every single thing you need to know to get started with extension development. I’ll let you know once I’m done with. :grinning:


Can anyone please make videos about how to create extension???

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I hope not. Videos take a lot of times to make. Written explanations will be good enough. If users want they can translate these instructions in different languages.


Great! I am looking forward to it and I am very curious … because everything you have done so far is excellent.


Pls make a in app pdf viewer extension.

There are already multiple extensions for displaying pdf.


I managed to do it myself with some effort, here are my blocks with this extension: