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Google Cast

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Hello to all #Koders and @ExtensionDevelopers!

Today I want to share a work in progress that we have been doing together with @salazar6cristopher

It is, as the title indicates, an extension to integrate the Chrome Cast function to Kodular Apps :smiley:

It is still a work in progress and there is much ahead, so I decided to post the code on GitHub :github:, those interested are welcome to collaborate in yanquisalexander/CastExtension

Some Blocks (Not working properly yet)


Start Discovery

This method should initiate a discovery of Cast Devices

Connect With IP Address

component_method (1)
This method should connect to a Cast device using ipAddress

Launch App

component_method (2)
Launch the application indicated in APP_ID on the connected Chromecast

All Blocks

Once everything is working correctly I will detail all the blocks :slight_smile:

#HappyKoding :kodular:!


Wow thank you so much! I waited a long time for such an extension


Thank you! Although it’s not ready yet :confused:

Extension developers are more than welcome to contribute :hugs:


How can I use it? Can I integrate it with YouTube component?

Hello Alejandro, a greeting, I was wondering if you already have the extension for sale I have waited a long time for an extension like this. I really appreciate the information


Hi @ingeapps_play,

You can fork yanquisalexander/CastExtension and compile the sources yourself unless @alexitoo_uy decides to give you an AIX.

@Kodular can you transfer ownership of the topic to @alexitoo_uy if not already done?


Hello friend, does it mean that the project is already working? If so, can you tell me what I should do to fork … Only if possible thanks stormi

The build process of the Cast extension is complicated because of having to deal with libraries, just wait for @alexitoo_uy to respond :)


Ok thanks I will wait if the help of @alexitoo_uy is possible

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If we really talk about building, it is possible to fork and manually enable the Workflow configured to build an AIX

Hi @ingeapps_play, :smiley:, I really appreciate your interest in this extension, however it is being a somewhat complicated process, mainly for me because I have almost no experience creating extensions :confused:.

At the moment I am looking for alternative libraries, since in my opinion the one I am currently using has some flaws

If you have changes that you want to add you are welcome to create a PR in yanquisalexander/CastExtension :github:


is it working now?


i hope it will be soon


what do this extension
& How Work

this is like a screen sharing with another device as per i know

i hope this extension will be made soon

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The purpose of the extension is to send multimedia content (Photos, videos, music) to Cast devices, or even other types of content if you create a Custom Receiver, but not to share the screen

Now, clarifying something

The extension has not been abandoned, I just don’t have a computer to work on anymore, and therefore I haven’t been able to make progress in a long time :confused:


I know it’s been difficult to develop, but so far something new?

No, there have not been any public changes.

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Wow, Really Nice Extension @alexitoo_uy :star_struck:
I Love It :blue_heart:

Not even private, I’m still without a computer