Does company offer jobs in kodular development

I want to know that does companies offer jobs in kodular development.?

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Does companies offer jobs in kodular development.?

No. Kodular itself is a hobby.


I don’t think so
bcoz this whole online builder thing is not that advanced yet to be used by companies to make complex apps

It is going to get bigger soon… Coz it is the future of programming…

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yup sure, this is the best way to start learning to make apps
but at the same time, new ways of developing is also being released by big companies (like flutter) with big budget, backup and team

I am sure, online builders will become a better option if there is a faster development & improvements in this way of creating apps, bcoz there is still a lot of development needed here

Not now. But I’m sure that in future, online builder and easy-to-use builders will dominate android builders. And so far, Kodular is best BlockCoding tool in my opinion.

And I’m pretty sure that Kodular will be best tool like currently Flutter or Java.
So conclusion: Companies will hire Kodular developers in future if Kodular keep develops.

PS. Totally my opinion.

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Yes that is 100% true