Double record from Airtable

Hello friends, he needed help with the blocks. I have read many topics, but I have not found a similar one. The application uses Firebase (Login, Logout) and Airtable for Data.
In the block when Spreadsheet1 .Got Column gets data from Airtables but one user is there two times. Both label7 and Listview show it. The same thing happens with another column. There is only one record in Airtables.
Thanks for help

This is wrong. That are you trying to do there?

remove this block set global name to get value

If I remove set global columnName I get an error:
Select list item: List index too large
Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of length 0 :()
Label7 is empty, Global variable “columnName” is an empty list

You didn’t answer my question. What are you trying to do with those blocks that I delete?

I want to save the Airtable user list to a variable (global columnName) and display it in Label7. But there is one record in Airtable and Label7 displays 2 records.

do one thing set global column name to create empty list

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tell me wheater the problem is fixed or not

Thanks for help

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Is it fixed

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