Firebase authentication with multiple data recording error in Airtable

Hello, sorry for this topic.
I have error after doing firebase authentication. I want to call emails list from airtable and if the user founds from airtable the new raw should not be created and the app should open another screen and if the user not presents a new raw should be created than app should open another screen after creating a raw. But problem is that the new raw created even the user is found in airtable and every number user inscrease it create a multiple or many raws of same user.
My blocks are the following.

blocks (1)

blocks (2)

blocks (3)

blocks (5)

blocks (6)

And this appears in my airtable

Sorry for hiding some users because they are real users of my app.

try like this


instead of using compare text field, try like this,


Thanks you but the problem did not solved.
my blocks now appear as


blocks (8)

blocks (9)

blocks (6)

But still not solved

When spreadsheet got c block Pls use the block that is in the list and try. If it exists divert the app to open another screen if not make it to create a row and then divert to open another screen

I have try both this

blocks (8)


but still the error did not solved

how I don’t understand you

try this block… It will work

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I have try that but no raw created in airtable if user not found

It works for me with no issue…

@ABDILAHI_KHAMIS your block are wrong for checking user email already exists or not
The problem are here

Here you have already put the data in Global email then why are you using values variable
And the main problem is that you are using for each no loop for checking email existence and also @Still-learning using loop for that I couldn’t understand why? that’s why the row is creating again and again

Thanks, so if was you how will you arrange this blocks?

He is using that loop to find the matching number, but instead why dont you try like this… i dint think this simple one…

Airtable get column is not working it seems. Only get all row shows data… Exsiting project is also not showing the data properly. Dont know the reason. I tested with very simple block to call particular column(api, base, table name are correct) but not showing data.

Thank you and I am so sorry It work perfectly. The error was my mistake I was now arrange properly the create raw block thanks very much it work


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