Doubt regarding Admob

I want to show 2-3 interstitial banner in a session. I was testing with below blocks to show banner ad after certain amount of clicks. When I start a session, after first 12 clicks, a test Ad is shown but afterwards no banner is shown at all.



Also, I have added this setting as well.

Is there any reason why banner ads are populated only once in a session. Did i miss anything in the implementation.

First of all, you’re reserving ads after loading it and it’s a violance as per AdMob policy. Secondly, Setting caps can cause problem on loading ad (One user will see at most 10 ads in 24 hours does not mean that ad will load every hour). So disable capping and try.

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Thanks for your reply.

Could you please explain what do you mean by reserving ads? also how can i fix it?
Because whatever articles I read about, most of them suggested above method.

Also, I will try and test after disabling the capping.

You’re loading ads on screen start and showing it after 12 clicks. So the gap in between ad loading and showing is called reserving.

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It worked. Thanks!

Will this be fine to solve the problem for reserving?


Also, I don’t want to show too many ads. Any idea how I can limit them.

Of course. AdMob clearly stated that you can’t reserve ads. You’ve to show them just after loading it. So, load ads when click counter reaches at 12. And after ad loaded, show it.

You can increase the click counter to limit ads or use a clock.

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Did you are counting click on ads.
Please specif your app type and tell more about it

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