Banner ad showing just white space

I am using both banner & interstitial ad. Though the interstitial ad loads properly. banner ad space just goes white from the beginning. I tried sample ad unit & also the real one but it’s just a white space. I tried the search on the forum but didn’t get any satisfied answer. it’s been more than 4-5 days. please if someone can help me regarding this. I have attached the design view & also the basic code screenshot. Thank You.

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Try calling the function somewhere other than Initialize


Thanks for the replay. It works. I called the ad when the web-view loads & the ad is showing now. thank you for the solution. it takes some time but it’s acceptable because the webpage takes a few seconds to load properly & then the ad shows up.

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you can also use a clock function

load banner
clock enable false

i read 1000 times dont load ads with a clock and now you told load it with a clock. i believe thats not ok to load ads with a clock.

You are just using the clock to initialise. Very different then trying to reload with the Clock.

Uhhh i am not sure … Google does not like Clocks i guess… They don’t like clock with their ads :laughing:

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They dont like the clock trying to reload the add. Use the clock to start it on app start should not be a problem.

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Uhh How do they know if its for loading or reloading?

They are google… They know all :slight_smile:

Can’t disagree with that :smile::smile:

Not showing admob ads ,I try it clock and without clock but not showing ads …why???


Test your app in other device, which may have an another internet connection rather than same network or wifi

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