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Hello there

I am creating an app, where I send information from text box and these are joined in an ascending way in Dynamic Label. But when you close the application, all the information is erased.

Anyone know how to use the tyniDB. I just want to use internal storage.

When you create dynamic component store all the index id value and corresponding text value in tinydb and recreate once again after exit

Or in simple, when you get the value just store in variable and store the variable in tinydb. So next time while app initial you can create component w.r.t this tinydb value length

Or give your demo aia, until you worked. We will complete it

Por, favor, me puede hacer un ejemplo visual.

Soy nuevo en esto.

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Please can you make me a visual example.

I am new at this.

Can you show us how did you using adding text box value to dynamic label in ascending order? I.e in simple term, can you show us what have worked ?

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How do you save the value in this tinydb? Can you show that

Actually, it is not saved.

I need help on how to save it.

You are using normal text boxes or dynamic text boxes? How many text boxes are you using ?

I am using normal text boxes. And with a button, create this data in a dynamic label, which as I enter the information, it is created separately.

But when I close the app, they disappear and the dynamic label remains empty

suppose if i am having text boxes i will save the values like this in tinydb as below


And as they look in the dynamic Label, and that they continue in the dynamic label, after closing the app. And when opening it, they continue to be seen in the dynamic label.

this is how i will do the work in simple…

And you can add the conditions in extra

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