Dynamic Cardview

I want to create dynamic card views for those have in Mobiles from Category Column in Airtable

Please. I cant fix myself. I am newbie…

What problem you are facing ? You have to specify your problem.

I want to create dynamic cardview for each From Mobiles Category. But it shows only first row values in every cardviews like as below

Use this :

Can you help with my blocks?

Remove Select from list blocks. Direct set maintitle to global images.
This may work.

Not working

When I Click on Redmi 8 card view (last card view)it shows another values from column. What changes needed

i really dont understand why you are using any cardview click, when you are using dynamic card view, isnt any when dynamic cardvew click option?

I am using extention not built-in dynic card view

Don’t create multiple topics about the same thing, I merged them now

Sorry. Provide Solution for new one …please

Try by replacing this

Like this?

Error again

I said replace not switch

There is no need index by thing block? Can you explain more. Didnt understand

I am newbie. Please