Dynamic component did not show

Please help me , iam using dynamic component but did not work please slove the error

Are you getting data from airtable? Use Do it to debug your blocks

This is because of low update of airtable use spredsheet extension
There are many spreadsheet extension on community diwnload anyone

Please tell us error

No…did not getting airtable data

I got the same error

But with Companion, it display on.
After download app.

Blank screen .

Same to do ? .

Working last 2h … Now nothing :frowning:

Before you create such a large project, make sure you are getting the data from your database

Use dictionary method to avoid slow updation from airtable.

Check again airtable’s api key, base id, table’s name and columns names. Also check for empty cells or empty rows in airtable’s spreadsheet cause if you have any no data will show in your app

@dora_paz , user is using paid airtable extension it seems. In the earlier post user mentioned it. Prob may be in that extension