Dynamic component "runtime error - unique ID" problem

I keep having unique ID problem even with just 1 Dynamic component, appreciate if someone could help me out, i’ve been searching and keep re-doing the blocks but I still got the runtime error - Expected a unique ID, got “myIDhere”

Unique ID problem mean, you need remove the used id whenever you want to recreate dynamic component or must use different id value

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thanks your time, appreciate if you could provide more details. I keeps renaming the ID but I still getting error.

show us how did you manage that renaming?

I mentioned you to give previous id number +1

sorry, i’m really confuse on how to do what you mean in the blocks. I really appreciate your input but i’m not so familiar with the blocks function. Showing me some blocks would be a great help. Thanks.

if possible send me a demo aia here… either me or anyone can solve your issue

unfortunately, I cant share aia as I scrape the data on users account. As you may see in the blocks I got text label array and my intention is to load the data dynamically but somehow i keep getting the unique ID error. thanks for your time.

your data seems to be not enough. Yopu doesnot sayd what is in label2 text… thats why

However , did add these block at here?



try to add the above procedure in the red mark place

in label2 is the first array of the scraped data. which I need to dynamically tabulated.

ah… finally, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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