Problem with expected unique id in dynamic component

hello all, i found the problem where below component
blocks (42)

this component will not solve the problem when I try to refresh my application again after fetching data when creating the first screen, where you also know how the system reloads in an application that allows it to retrieve data repeatedly on the same 1 layer, but it actually makes i got an error while doing the feature

keep in mind that I’ve searched the community for a solution but couldn’t find a definite answer.

my app reload flow

  1. screen opens
  2. data is retrieved
  3. Create dynamic data
  4. the user stores data to the database
  5. retrieve data
  6. Create dynamic data

and so on it repeats, and yes I get the expected unique id error on the dynamic component

This should solve your problem, if not then you have added this block in improper place , that’s all

in the extension i use it doesn’t need to be added but otherwise when i don’t use the block array i get a problem

Pls share us your blocks

problem is solved, I just need to use block generate id from dynamic component

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