Dynamic component UI Error

Greetings, when the Dynamic component extension creates the components, it blocks the application for a few moments until it shows them. I have configured the UI and I am loading data 10 by 10. Is there a solution for this error. Thanks.

this is my code

Your image is not clear

what I really want to know is why dynamic component blocks the app for a few seconds when creating the components, I have searched almost everything in kodular and they have made comments about it but they have not given an accurate answer

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Then you may landed at wrong topics. If user given clear images and clear query certainly he will get solution- I am Sure

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There may be other extensions/components that blocks the application. Can you post an AIA that reproduces the issue in a blank project?

yes, i make the same code in a blank proyect and happened the same.

dont worry for track2 variable, it is track variable

sorry for the first image, here is good
Uploading: blocks.png…

Hello, tell me if you need something else about the problem

Hola, this happens to me. When dynamic component is creating the components from templates mi apps is block for a few seconds until creatings is complete. I use the UI and i loading data 10 by 10. I really thanks some helps

You already have a topic,

hello some body has found the solution for dynamic component why is stopping the app a few times.

It is not possible for me to tell what’s going wrong;

  • Without knowing what other extensions you use in the same project
  • Without knowing if it happens in blank project (means, a simple project that reproduces the issue without including other extensions)
  • Without knowing if “Thread” property on the extension properties has set to “UI” or “Main”.

Also, I will kindly ask you to not ping/mention me everywhere, I have a life. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Greetings, first of all I want to apologize, it was not my intention to bother you.

•I use the float View extension and image utilities but I also get the error without using them
•It happens to me both in my project and in a blank one without other extensions
•I am using the UI in the thread property
•I am loading the data in 10 increments

pls share us your demo aia

okey i will tomorrow or after tomorrow i need to put online a test server again for the api