E-commerce / shopping app (Woocommerce api connected)

Hello guys,here is my new app woocommerce connected shopping app.if you are finding an e-commerce app that was the best solution for you.if you are planing to lunch an e-commerce app. This app was fully woocommerce(wordpress theam) api connected. For this you can manage this app from your site from your wordpress admin panel.
That app was fully connected. A2Z
*sign up/login
*product load more features
*product filter
*product variation
*product share
*coupon code
*my order
*order details
& you can manage all that things from your wordpress admin panel
If you have an shopping website on wordpress then this app will best solution for your shopping site

App demo

Just explore this app.& give me suggestion where to improved it.


80$(price not fixed)20% off for first buyer​:partying_face:

Admin app coming soon​:sunglasses:

& the most important thing is @Rogerio_Rios he helped me a lot.when i stuck he helped me soo much. Thank you​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here are my few suggestions:

  • I see that you use just a single font at most at the places (the curve font), it’s better to use other fonts for small labels or texts.

  • It’s good to make the text/label a little bolder or weighted.

  • The shadows to buttons doesn’t look nice

  • You should consider making the icons smaller (especially the search icon in the “Search product here” search box)

  • In the “My Account” screenshot I see that the labels below the “ACCOUNT SETTING” are almost the same size as the label itself. And there should be padding required inside the white arrangement or card view.

  • The horizontal list below the label “Category’s” may look nice without the borer and dark background.

  • It’s sometimes better to use small labels instead of big icons in the below screenshot (for the edit second icon)


Thank you soo much for your suggestion. I will definitely work on it.thank you again

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Great work. @msr79526

Many months of work, right?

It achieved your goal, with effort, study, research …

Your example should serve as an example for those who want: ready blocks, aia ready …effortlessly


yeah. two months afford. I learned soo many things,& I achieved a lot of things. thank you soo much to help me a lot :hugs: :hugs:


Hello, how to buy it ? Do you have a more recent version ?

No. Inbox me. I will you tell you i details

That person is a new user so may not be able to PM you.

check inbox. I send you message

Dear @msr79526 ,please check ur message i have messaged you. I’m interested in your app and would love to buy it. Kindly check ur pm and reply me. Waiting for ur reply.