Elements from String - Spinner

I have two apks, one for the user and one for the administrator. In the administrator I have a table: age group registration. The code is auto_incremento as shown in the images below. I want to load the information from the age range text fields to the spinner component that is in the user’s apk but I don’t know how to do it. can you help me?

Spinner can show items which are in a list.

You can use firebase get tag list block.

When got tag list
Set spinner elements to get value.

Call the value and store it in variable ,
Step 1
Make the variable with create empty list
Step 2
Call the values from firebase database and store it in the variable
Step 3
Then take a strings block from that spinner component and attached this variable to that string.
I hope you are understand
Or it’s work
Try and make the block and add this solution because it may help to the others

would have any example to show?

Would it be this?
Get Value

Use set elements block from spinner.
Spinner set elements to get value.

Make sure that the value you are getting, it should be a list for that use get tag list block, and on got tag list set spinner elements to get value.

It’s working

I did not understand. how to show this via code?

Friend do as @Earn_Money_online explained. He took you step by step. Sit calmly, relax, you will succeed.

1-Your information is in a database.
2- You need to get this information from the database
3- You have to have a variable - list to receive this data
4- Associate the spinner elements with this variable

Guys thank you for your help however, I don’t know how to do this with this component of how to get a list within the database. It is not laziness because most of the codes there I did, but this one is bone! In the forum and in the forums on the net I didn’t see anything about it. That’s why I’m having this difficulty.

Try this aia
Note Add your details in airtable component then it will work
Airtabledatainspinner.aia (1.9 KB)