Spinner/csv / data / lists

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Guys I have some questions and would be very grateful if you could answer / resolve me

I would like to know about this spinner here in the image below, is it possible to do the same? No add-ons? Or just with?

My other question is about: csv / data / lists.
I learned how to load data from Google spreadsheets, but this is online (of course) I would like to create this offline spreadsheet directly in the application and not online (in case the internet is not available and or to reduce the delay) how to do this?
I thought about doing it with csv and converting it into lists in the program, the problem is that I didn’t understand how to associate the data with the result after selecting from the list picker, for example as in the other image: I managed to transform the csv into a list, after in a vertical list, but … How after getting the data in the list do the program deliver me the data I want that is in another column?

You might want to provide some relevant blocks if you want our help. Thanks.

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Of course!


Code blocos

that’s basically it (just ignore the parts that are disabled kkkkk and the label at the end which is only for visual tests)

the spreadsheet is just for you to see better, the app is in csv file