How to connect spinner to spinner?

I am building app of geography type. Where user can have to choose country first(from spinner ) after clicking on that stater list of resective country should open, clicking on state ,district list should open in next spinner …

I know how to connect this in list view to list view in same screen but i want it to connect this way in sinner to spinner …

Kindly share block for this.

Thank you !

Welcome to Community,
make lists for all countries, like for pakistan you make a list islamabdd,karachi,lahore and for india make list mumbai,dehli,chandigarg if user select pakistan then set list pakistan to spinner 2,


Good , but i have to use 4 spinner together …like If we select India or pakistan than relavnet list of state will be appear in next spinner .Than again we we choose stte feom 2nd spinner than district of Gujarat state shouod apear …like vise village also …
Lindly help for this…make a block plz.

Why not expand on the example that @ImranTariq gave you? It should be really easy to adept. Try first and when it doesn’t work show what you did and you will get help here.


same will go for others too, use when spinner 2 select, set spinner 3 for next list

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