Error 2103 after taking a picture

I currently have the same error message. I don’t know how I can save a photo and especially how I can display it within the app, even after closing and reopening the app.



Show your blocks.

Yes, this.

I need to store the picture to show it permanently


That doesn’t make any sense. Please post a screenshot of the error message.

I cannot recreate the error because of changing blocks after errors (of course).

I tried this to store the picture:


I deleted the File1-Block due to error. I forgot to put it back to the blocks for showing the error message.

This is the reason:


Why you are saving the text to a fileName with the image path ???

The path of image is: /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/kodular_123456789.jpg and the path of the fileName (SaveFile) is a relative path which starts with /storage/emulated/0. So this results in this error because this (strange) path is not created / doesn’t exist.

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… and the extension of the fileName has to be .txt or .csv

You are great. It works. Changing this both results in wanted and expected behaviour. Thank you

I do not enter an extension. It works also, maybe it is added automatically

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