Error 703: Unable to play aerop3.mp3 when compiled in AAB

I hope you can help me.
It has happened to me that, when I publish the App in Play Console as AAB, in an “Internal Test”, it doesn’t find some images and sounds added in Assets and I get a message
Error 703: Unable to play aerop3.mp3
Same with some images, however if I get them with a link to Cloudinary they come out.
It seems that it does not direct to the files saved in my assets. I have tried putting it before the name, and nothing.
Some colleagues reported similar problems a LONG time ago, have you found a solution to this?


These blocks are not in english and i am not understanding the blocks.

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your screenshot shows a file from the internet, but not from the assets
what about providing a screenshot, which tries to load an image or sound from the assets?
tip: just try the filename, for example myImage.jpg


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Thank you TAIFUN for answering, you are a celebrity.
That is precisely the problem.
If I put: foto.jpg it doesn’t find it, but if I put a file from internet it finds it.
The same happens with the sound, it is defined in the design screen as aerop3.mp3 . When it generated an APK yes, it takes it and sounds, but when compiled in AAB shows the error “Error 703: Unable to play aerop3.mp3”.
Apparently, it is a problem when addressing the media files saved in ASSETS.

I found this thread for you



The solution is to work with APK. Hopefully it will be fixed soon to be able to do it with AAB.
Thank you very much for your support.

@Carlos_Antonio_Casas_Suar Can you please send me the AAB file?