Error when downloading apk ..!

Hi every body,
when i try to export my apk app i found this message (server error please try again later)
I try to understand the cause of the problem,
is it the app size …?? how can i know the size of the app??
is it the number of words of the string …?? how many maximum numbers of the string ?? (sometimes words increase than 1000 word
what is the probably reasons of this problem?
in test companion the app work good…
my app has images less than 1 mega
it is a stories app

Just clear the data of the browser . . & try again

Looking at your blocks it looks like you should really follow DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)Principle

What is DRY Principle? :point_down:

what do you mean with data of the browser … do you mean cookies??

how can i do the same aim without repeating please…
explain with blocks please

Sorry I cannot help you with the block at the moment.
To avoid repetition you can create a procedure and call that procedure wherever needed.

Also to learn more about using Kodular you can read :point_down:

How big is your aia or do you have lots of assets

Yes it might be because of this, how many in total of string/words/character do you have

Error cannot be by size

Quick fix:-

Delete any null block

If you are using firebase authentication without it’s file in assets

Delete it .

If I have interpreted your image correctly, then this is all you need for all of your buttons…


Any Button can be found here…

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Also, as said earlier,

  1. Drag a procedure block which is present in block section :point_down:

  2. Keep all the blocks (which you find, you are using repeatedly) under that procedure and then call that procedure whenever needed. Something like this :point_down:


In your case the repeated blocks are :point_down:

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Nice catch !!