Error with Dynamic Label Click Event

Hello Koders,

i need some help with my Blocks, i cant find the Problem.

If i put my Code to “when any Card View Click” it works perfect.

But if i try the same with “when any label Click” i get an error, see my screens of the Blocks and what the App shows. I used the search, but all Solutions i found didnt Work for me, maybe u can find my mistake, thank you.

Could you provide a screenshot of the procedure you use to create cardviews ?

Have you set the dynamic label clickable to true in dynamic component creation procedure ??? Also pls use if the component Isdynamic always.

Pls check whether your app misread as card clicked instead of label clicked

Try to see this test aia, cardview fullclick set to false, label clickable set to true

expand.aia (40.6 KB)

These are the Blocks to Create the Cardviews.

CardView full Clickable is false, i will check now your aia to figure it out.
blocks (23)

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If you set card view clickable to true then label click will give you such error though you set label clickable to true. The best way is, Get card view id on click, convert it into label id, and check whether that particular word is present or not…

so you made three labels clickable to true, then just use the block If the component is dynamic and id contains the text such word, you will get succeed

Can u explain how to get CardViewID when i trigger any label on Click?

I chaged the blocks now to this, but problem still there.

just replace the clicked label id with cardview label by using replace block

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Have you seen my example and how I manage to work with id

Thank you both, it solved the issue.

I saq your .aia and didnt relize it how to get the card id ^^

Thanks for your help

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